Dr Barbara Sturm

You may be surprised to learn that the global beauty guru began her medical career in orthopaedics. Studying inflammatory conditions lead her to aesthetics, resulting in her science-based skincare brand. So what does treats does Dr Sturm prescribe herself?
Image: Nick Haddow

The One Hotel

I have so many favourite places and am often travelling, so it really depends on where I am in the world. At the moment I'm looking forward to going back to Eden Rock St Barths. The staff are incredibly welcoming and the setting is stunning – the hotel is surrounded by crystal-blue waters, and they have the most amazing Dr Barbara Sturm spa.

The one product you can’t live without

I’ve recently launched my Super Anti-Aging Body Serum which I honestly can’t live without. It’s incredibly lightweight and targets specific body-care concerns like stretch marks, age spots, dryness and loss of elasticity.

The one thing that grounds you

I grew up surrounded by nature and it is where I feel my happiest. If I’m by the beach or in the woods, I’ll try to spend time grounding or earthing myself by walking barefoot. Having direct contact with the Earth can help reduce inflammation, improve sleep quality and enhance your mood and wellbeing.


Image: Eden Rock St Barths

The one piece of advice you live by

My parents taught me to follow my dreams, be kind to everyone and keep both feet on the ground. Put one foot in front of the other, keep moving, don’t look right or left and don’t live too much in the past or the future – just try and live in the moment.

The one thing you always travel with

I always have my Anti-Pollution Drops and apply my face mask as soon as possible once I’ve landed.

The one book

The Telomere Effect by Elizabeth Blackburn & Elissa Epel. I’ve always been interested in science – my skincare is built upon the science of anti-inflammatory ingredients – and the co-writer of this book, Dr Elizabeth Blackburn, won a Nobel Prize for her ground-breaking scientific research.

The one person you’d love to have dinner with

My eldest daughter Charly. I wish I could have dinner with her more often as we are never in the same country.

The one skincare hack you stand by

Avoid inflammatory ingredients in skincare. Fragrance, mineral oils, retinol, Retin A, glycolic acid etc all cause inflammation, which leads to the biggest problems for our skin, including hyperpigmentation, ageing, breakouts and acne.

The one thing in your fridge

Bircher muesli. Oats are rich in several nutrients, including fibre, carbohydrates, plant-based protein and B vitamins, and they’re a good source of iron and biotin. I have my own perfect recipe that you can find here.

The one thing you can’t live without

I love a good oat-milk latte. If it doesn’t taste right, it sets me off on the wrong foot for the whole day, so the first thing would be my milk frother!

The one song you’ll always listen to

I love classical music and have always loved to surround my kids with classical music. But most of all, I love listening to anything that makes me happy, from ’80s hits to modern pop – it’s impossible to choose just one song!

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