John Pawson

Famed for his restrained, functional aesthetic, architect John Pawson’s work celebrates light, clean lines and ordered space. Here the master of minimalism unveils a busy inner world…

Image: Gilbert McCarragher

The One Thing You’re Watching

We are watching ‘The Bureau’, but limiting ourselves to one harrowing episode of the French spy agency a night.

The One Place You’d Always Go Back To

To Togu Do – and we do – the original Japanese tearoom in Kyoto (1486).

The One Painting You Wish You Owned

You don’t really own art, you are a custodian. I often go to the National Gallery just to look at the Saenredam painting of a church interior.

The One Thing In Your Fridge

Mustard – as my younger son Benedict says – ‘rounds the meal off’.

The One Thing You’re Reading

‘Broken Glass’ by Alex Beam about Dr Edith Farnsworth’s relationship with Mies van der Rohe before and during the building of her house. It ended sourly and with long litigation, but also produced the architectural masterpiece of the last century. The book was given to me by Chris Wolfe, who showed me round Philip Johnson’s Glass House.

The One Thing In Your Wardrobe

A white shirt, although Catherine, my wife, likes me in blue.

The One Restaurant You’re Longing To Go To

My friend Melanie's kitchen. She's a brilliant amateur.

The One Piece Of Advice

My father always used to say, ‘keep some brass in bank’. I never have.

The One Person You’d Love To Have Dinner With

I do most nights: Catherine.

The One Song

‘Travellin’ Light’ by Cliff Richard & The Shadows – more for the title than the song. Something I’ve been attracted to from an early age.

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