Paloma Faith

Singer, songwriter, actress and mother… A true one-off, Paloma Faith is a dazzling whirlwind of creativity and glamour. We quizzed this modern-day English eccentric on the people, places and inspirations that fire her passions.
Image: Eliott Morgan

The One Thing You’re Reading

I just gave birth and something happens to your brain when you do (a combo of trauma and sleepless nights) that makes it hard to concentrate on a book. But I have bought two books I would love to read when my brain gets back together. ‘Motherhood: A Manifesto’ by Eliane Glaser and ‘Real Estate’ by Deborah Levy.

The One Person You’d Love To Have Dinner With

Jeanette Winterson.

The One Film

‘Little Miss Sunshine’.

The One Gift To Yourself

A (guilt-free!) meal at Luca in Clerkenwell.

The One Thing In Your Wardrobe

My Gucci loafers with the words ‘ice lolly’ studded into the heels on the back.

The One Thing That Grounds You

My mum! She always keeps it real… too real!


Paloma's Faith's interiors brand Paloma Home, image: Michael Sinclair

The One Thing In Your Fridge

Natoora fruit and vegetables! They supply sustainable seasonal produce and it tastes so different and delicious.

The One Song You’ll Always Listen To

‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ by Whitney Houston.

The One Painting You Wish You Owned

‘Propped, 1992’ by Jenny Saville.

The One Thing You Can’t Live Without…

My kids, although they will be the death of me!

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