Romance, art, poetry and music all find their way into the beautiful designs that Kate and Laura Mulleavy conjure for their label, Rodarte. So we quizzed the creative siblings about their latest inspirations…

Image: Amy Harrity

The One Thing You’re Reading

Kate: 'Breast and Eggs' by Mieko Kawakami.

Laura: 'Alice Neel, Uptown' by Hilton Als.

The One Thing You’re Cooking

Kate: Lemon Ricotta Muffins for breakfast, topped off with my mom’s whole made blackberry jam.

Laura: Home-made pizza and grapefruit margaritas with the grapefruits from my garden.

The One Thing You’re Buying

Kate: Alice Coltrane Records.

Laura: Criterion Channel Subscription.

The One Thing You’re Loving

Kate: Working on our next collection, dreaming up designs… and going to the beach!

Laura: Nature Hikes.

The One Thing You’re Watching

Kate: 'Paris, Texas' on the Criterion Channel.

Laura: John Cassavetes films.

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