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Hollie’s House

Shoreditch-based Hollie Bowden has seduced the interior design world with her cool, contemplative style. Her signature blend of natural materials and antique finds has a timeless air, embracing modernity while celebrating the history of each unique space.


With a reach that extends from the Ibizan countryside to the Hollywood Hills, interior designer Hollie Bowden has earned a global reputation. Creating spaces full of wit and intrigue, her work is renowned for its storytelling, as she explains: “I am intuitive in my approach and love the conceptual journey one goes on during a project, giving space to the formation of ideas. For me it is a wholly organic process.”

Bowden’s passion for the organic extends to the materials she uses: “I am drawn to natural pieces and artisan craftsmanship, and I believe in the integration of old and new. I am forever sourcing antiques, and acknowledging the architectural history of a project is central to my design process. Ultimately, I see myself as a curator of spaces as much as I do an interior designer.”
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