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When it comes to feel-good beginnings, New Year’s resolutions can quickly end in dismay. So this year, trade excess expectations for expert advice. Our favourite beauty and wellness legends have the know-how to unlock a gorgeous fresh start to 2024.

Bobbi Brown – The Skincare Supremo

Makeup artist, author, award-winning cosmetics creative and the brains behind both the Bobbi Brown and Jones Road ranges, Brown is celebrated as the beauty queen who popularised the natural, no makeup makeup look.


Pictured: Bobbi Brown

Bobbi’s top five tips for replenished winter skin

  1. I focus on drinking lots of water all year round, but particularly in the New Year to recover from the holidays.
  2. Skin can easily get chapped in the dry, winter air. I tend to use thicker, high quality moisturisers during this time.
  3. The key to helping your skin feel healthy is using a consistent skincare routine. It can be simple but make sure you’re consistent.
  4. An underrated tip to having healthier-looking skin is to get lots of sleep. It does wonders for those heavy eye bags.
  5. The one thing everyone forgets is to use sunscreen every day. This is important even in the winter.

Julia Diogo – The Nailcare Queen

Celebrity nail artist Julia Diogo, aka Painted By Jools, is renowned for the understated chic of her beautiful manicures. From her A-list clientele to her millions of social media followers, this London-based guru has nails with global reach.

Julia’s top five tips for New Year nails and hands

  1. Keep a cuticle oil by your desk/bedside table. This will encourage you to actually use it and be consistent with your care.
  2. Always keep a nail file in your bag – if you leave a snagged nail unattended it will become more difficult to fix. Softening the edge with a nail file prevents it from catching and splitting further.
  3. Keep your nails at a manageable length for your lifestyle. This helps the nails from breaking at the stress point, which can cause further damage to the nail plate.
  4. Exfoliate your hands twice weekly, to remove all dead skin which leaves the skin on your hands looking brighter and more plump.
  5. Moisturise hands after every hand wash! Keeping the skin smooth and hydrated is essential. It also locks in the moisture after you have used a cuticle oil.

Sam McKnight – The Haircare Hero

Legendary session stylist Sam McKnight is renowned for his work with iconic magazines, giants of the runway and, of course, for bringing out the beauty in celebrity hair, having tended to the tresses of everyone from supermodels and superstars to his exquisite work with Diana, Princes of Wales.


Pictured: Sam McKnight

Sam’s top five tips for healthy New Year hair

  1. Include a treatment in your haircare ritual. Not only will it nourish, repair and help tame frizz, it will protect your hair from future damage as healthy hair is tougher and more resilient. Look for a treatment that’s easy to use. My Deeper Love and Bigger Love Treatment Masks work in just 5 minutes, so you can treat anytime.
  2. Invest a little time and love into your scalp. A scalp massage when cleansing or when you have a treatment on is the perfect way to invigorate and stimulate follicles, which can produce thicker hair and encourage hair growth. Whether you use your fingers tips or a scalp tool, it’s an easy self-care tweak to add in.
  3. The more friction your hair encounters, the more prone to frizz it will be. It can also damage fragile strands. Switching to a silk pillowcase can preserve your curls, maintain a hairstyle and reduce tangles. The same principle applies when you’re towel-drying your hair: gently squeeze out excess moisture instead of rubbing vigorously, and try using a microfibre towel to reduce drying time and frizz.
  4. When detangling wet hair or curls, reach for a wide-tooth comb to gently comb through. Start from the ends and work your way to the roots. I love RE=COMB’s wide-tooth combs and piks. They are made from recycled plastic, reducing landfill and ocean waste. When brushing dry hair or styling it into a sleek ponytail, I use a mixed-bristle brush such as La Bonne Brosse – they also come in the perfect mini size to pop in your bag.
  5. Try something different! Whether it’s as effortless as flipping your parting from the middle to the side for volume, or having fun with heatless waves or Velcro rollers, not all new styles require hours of work. Heatless waves paired with a hybrid styler such as my Happy Endings can be done the night before; your hair sets as you sleep so all you have to do in the morning is remove and brush. 6.

Ross J Barr – The Self-Care Star

The beauty and fashion worlds’ go-to guru for health and wellness, Ross has dedicated his career to studying Eastern medicine and acupuncture, sharing his expertise in everything from natural fertility to mental wellbeing.

Ross’s top five tips for New Year wellness

  1. Establish an exercise routine that you genuinely enjoy. When you’re looking at your diary and dreading the exercise you’ve booked in, you’re clearly not doing what you’re supposed to.
  2. Meditation is the gift of the healthy, but when people are up against it, it’s often one of the first things that goes out of the window, becoming something else to feel guilty about. So I try to help find an old-school middle ground: watch a movie with the phone switched off, or sit down and read a book that spirits you away – not a self-help book or anything that demands self-analysis.
  3. The most peaceful and happy folk I’ve ever met adhere to the 80/20 method when it comes to healthy eating. The 80% provides enough of a stable physiology that the 20% at the weekend won’t upset the balance. I love alcohol and coffee, but when you do my job, you get to see the effect they have on us, so I don’t touch either during the week. And when I enjoy them at weekends, I do so wholeheartedly, without guilt.
  4. Supplements are a must for me. I have to make sure I’m in good nick for my job, emotionally and physically. I set them all out on Sunday night for the week, for me and my wife. The pile I present her with annoys her but she recognises the difference they make.
  5. Never forget the importance of self-care. I see my acupuncturist every six weeks for a kind of MOT. I also love a bit of FaceGym. And when I need a break, I’ll ring-fence a few hours to do something on my own: Claridges Spa does the most incredible signature treatment called Silk & Bone, which I’d highly recommend.
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